Reliable and trustworthy

We make business with respect for our surrounding environment and employees. As a global player and contributor to society, we focus on making sure that the impact we make is positive

Our responsibilities

Being a trustworthy supplier of transport and logistics takes more than providing deliveries on time. It also means taking an attitude towards some of the challenges we may face in our global society. We protect our values, our integrity and the world we are part of. And we want our clients to know that we keep our promises.

Code of Conduct and ethics

In 2011, Blue Water Shipping finalised its Code of Conduct, and initiated the global implementation of these our ethical guidelines. The initial implementation was done through the publication of our Code of Conduct.


The Code of Conduct is available to our suppliers on this website. A printed copy is available at request from Blue Water's People & Culture Department or can be downloaded below.


Download Supplier Code of Conduct

Download (pdf)


A healthy workforce is vital for our success, and we encourage our employees to be active, have fun, create social relations internally and strengthen our teamwork and culture through sports activities.

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Every Blue Water employee has the right to a safe workplace with a minimum of risks. We are committed to keep working for improvements, provide training and education for all employees, and we encourage a ‘zero incident' workplace.


Our standards for safety are accessible for all offices and employees at all times through our Global Management System.

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Blue Water is focused on continuously reducing environmental impact based on defined improvement targets.


Our initiatives include a proactive effort to reduce waste, consumption of energy, usage of fuel and prevent spills. Also, we motivate clients and suppliers to give priority to environmentally friendly transport solutions.

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Quality is an important aspect in Blue Water’s daily efforts to create the best solutions for all clients.


We have defined quality objectives and planned activities applying for all Blue Water offices in the world. To achieve the standards we aim for, we have a Global Quality Policy stating our aim and means to achieve and fulfil our quality objectives.

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Blue Water's HQ in Esbjerg, Denmark is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 (Quality), ISO 14001:2004 (Environment) and OHSAS 18001:2008 (Health & Safety). We strive to give our business the best support, when it comes to tools and standards, and we have a corporate process in place to assist during a certification project of 8-12 months. 


We are business driven and the business chooses whether a certification process should be initiated. Several of our strategic locations are certified, and we expect more locations to follow in the future.

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