Crew change for Danish Armed Forces

In the summer of 2014, Blue Water signed an agreement with Danish Armed Forces covering freight solutions to/from the North Atlantic

From left: Michael Kruse Nielsen, Brian Thuesen/ Danish Armed Forces, Henrik Damgaard and Nicolai Nørgaard / Blue Water Billund.

05 March 2015 14:08

The first large assignment was completed in February, when Blue Water Billund chartered airplanes and handled the crew change for three vessels.

"The crews were flown from Copenhagen and Aalborg to the three inspection vessels in Greenland and the Faroes", says Nicolai Nørgaard from Blue Water Billund, who was on the flight to Narsarsuaq in Greenland together with representatives from Danish Armed Forces.

The weather in Greenland and on the Faroes is challenging and loading a plane with supplies in the best way possible requires special knowledge.

"We have a good contact to several airline companies which have the necessary experience to perform take-off and landing in these harsh conditions. Also, we can load the planes in accordance with the safety standards and in a way that the cargo is protected optimally. It is important that we are flexible because the volumes may change en route. We are prepared for this, and we always find a solution", says Nicolai Nørgaard.

05 March 2015 14:08

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