New kitchens to Sweden

Ten years ago, the cooperation with on of Denmark's leading kitchen manufacturers started. Today, it has expanded to include logistics in several parts of the world


We work with a professional partner who understands our company and the challenges we face

08 April 2015 13:39

In 2005, Blue Water Herning and Kvik (kitchen manufacturer) began to cooperate on logistics. In the beginning by delivering to one store in Finland and later on to two in Norway. Today, Blue Water handles delivery to 8 stores in Finland, 18 in Norway, 1 in Spain, 4 in France and 15 stores Thailand. The tenth anniversary was 'celebrated' by Blue Water taking over the export to Sweden as well from 1 May. With its 20 stores, Sweden is one of Kvik's largest export markets.

"Blue Water's philosophy of being close to their clients is a benefit for us. Their office in Herning is very close to us which makes us feel important. We can contact them quickly if we have urgent issues so Blue Water can solve them. Also, it is important for us that our stores can rely on that their deliveries arriving on time", says Bruno Neergaard Meineche, who is Cargo Agent for Kvik.

The major part of the kitchen components are stored at Kvik's own storage facilities, but the table tops are picked up directly at Kvik's sister company, DFI-Geisler, in Nykobing Mors for sorting and packaging.

Blue Water Herning and Kvik/DFI-Geisler have found the logistics solution together. All table tops and kitchen components are collected at Blue Water's warehouse in Herning and packed safely so that each store receives one delivery.

"We work with a professional partner who understands our company and the challenges we face. The most important thing for us is that our products are handled with care so that our clients will ultimately have a good experience", says Lars Langkjær, Managing Director of DFI-Geisler.

Kvik work withs franchise partners and have their own stores. Today, there are more than 135 Kvik stores in Europe and Asia.

08 April 2015 13:39

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