Safe operation in Singapore

Blue Water Singapore was in charge of the discharge operations of six sections for a derrick equipment set (DES) to be used on a drilling rig

08 June 2015 09:52

As Blue Water's naval architect and operations manager visited the site for the discharging operations, they found that the quay had poor mooring facilities. Therefore, a spud barge was chartered and secured in position so the vessel could be safely moored alongside the barge and get ready for the discharging.

Because of the distance to the shore, it was necessary to use a 300 ton floating crane. In close cooperation between all people involved in the project, the safety concerns were addressed thoroughly with a toolbox talk prior to the start of the operation.

The muddy conditions caused by the rainy season and the tide conditions were especially challenging and something which we had to take precautions against. The discharging operations were completed in very short time without any errors and the project was completed to the great satisfaction of our client.

08 June 2015 09:52

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