Agency for yachts in Greenland

Blue Water Greenland was chosen as agent and logistics partner when one of the world's most expensive and largest yachts visited Nuuk in Greenland

The yacht M/Y “A” is 119 meters long, has a crew of more than 35 people and has cost around 300 million dollars to construct. During the visit in Nuuk, Blue Water acted as agent for the yacht.

29 June 2015 09:06

Right from the initial preparations, Blue Water Greenland was involved as well as being a part of the more than 14 days long voyage along the West coast of Greenland.

"All our planning was carried out to the last detail and we were in charge of crew change and delivery of supplies. In addition, we provided guidance to the crew about sailing in arctic waters. The waters in Greenland present challenges for the ships that sail her and the weather can also be quite a mouthful", says Kristian Bruus Hald from Blue Water Greenland.

This assignment strengthens Blue Water Greenland's competences within this special client segment. In the future, it is expected that further similar assignments will have to be solved.

"Greenland is a unique place for ships to call to port, and the country has a lot of opportunities for outdoor activity. For instance, heliskiing is being arranged on the mountains. You are flown by helicopter to the highest points and then it is just downhill from there. Not an opportunity you can find in many other places", says Kristian Bruus Hald.

29 June 2015 09:06

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