Establishes its own trainee programme

Recruitment and education of trainees is a vital factor for Blue Water Shipping

Aase Bjerregaard from Blue Water and Jørgen Clement from Business Academy Southwest.

25 August 2015 11:05

Each year, the company trains and educates approximately 30 trainees of whom nine out of ten continue in the company after having completed their apprenticeship.  Consequently, they constitute a solid foundation for the further development of the company.

Increasing demands

"The demands on the competences of a skilled freight forwarder are increasing and in order to give our future trainees the best foundation, we have decided to create our own trainee programme, which is tailor-made for the future needs of the business", says Aase Bjerregaard, who is Head of Human Resources at Blue Water.

Begins in September

The programme combines the best elements from the traditional freight forwarding and shipping education with a more knowledge-intensive academy profession programme in international transport and logistics. The first trainees will start on 1 September this year, and the two-year education will be completed in cooperation with Business Academy Southwest, who has the educational responsibility.

"We have created a very interesting education programme of a high professional standard and it is our aim to give all trainees an attractive education as well as attracting some of the best graduate students each year from the Higher Commercial Examination, Higher Technical Examination and the Upper Secondary Examination programme. We will do this by specialising and raising the level of knowledge and competences in comparison to the existing education", says Jorgen Clement, who is Head of Department Center for Continuing Education.

A tailor-made education

Business Academy Southwest has a lot of competences and experience with continuing education - among other things within transport and shipping where they are in the process of building a national knowledge centre for transport. The academy locations in Esbjerg and Sonderborg have 2500 part time students each year.

"The close cooperation with Blue Water Shipping has made it possible to create a tailor-made education programme which is not only a Blue Water education, but an education which will be accepted in the transport industry. We look forward to giving the new trainees a strong education and thereby assist in accomplishing a very important assignment for both Blue Water and the transport business", says Jorgen Clement.

Important for the development

At Blue Water, Aase Bjerregaard is looking forward to welcoming the 30 news trainees on 1 September as this initiative is a big step forward. They will be distributed at Blue Water's offices in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

25 August 2015 11:05

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