Teaching clients about airfreight

Blue Water Aarhus invited two employees from Linco Food Systems A/S' shipping department on a trip to Copenhagen Airport to give them an idea of the challenges connected with airfreight

Thomas Hollitsch and one of his colleagues from Linco Food Systems A/S participated in the tour of Copenhagen Airport. It was an educational experience.

28 September 2015 09:49

During the visit, they saw a Boeing 777 and learned how a plane like that is loaded in the best way possible.

"Sometimes it is difficult for us to understand why there is not enough room for 3-4 centimetres more in the freight compartment or why the packaging must fit with the curve of the top deck", says Thomas Hollitsch, who is Team Leader for Linco's Shipping Department.

Blue Water Aarhus has previously arranged similar visits with great success. They give the participants a feeling of how transport companies work and the challenges connected to airfreight.

"It was an educational experience for us to see the conditions and how we as an export company can adapt our packaging to the loading conditions in the airport and ensure a smooth loading operation. It was a really instructive experience for us", says Thomas Hollitsch.

28 September 2015 09:49

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