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The feedback from the clients was good after arranging a visit to see the loading of a freight plane in Copenhagen

Representatives from Terma and Blue Water had their picture taken inside the cargo room of the B747-400

12 November 2015 15:06

Yes please. That was the response when Blue Water invited a delegation from Terma to visit Singapore Airlines in Copenhagen Airport to watch a B747-400 being loaded.

Terma and Blue Water has a freight agreement covering export and import by sea and airfreight to and from USA. The tour of the airport was intended to give Terma an idea of how an airfreight operation is handled.

"It is impressive to see the processes which are necessary to perform discharge and loading within the planned deadlines. It was very educational to see how the cargo is handled and too learn about the challenges and decisions the employees at Singapore Airlines meet during such an operation. It was a good experience", says Søren Nielsen who is Manager Invoicing & Shipping at Terma.

The visit was planned to strengthen the cooperation, but also to help Terma in the future.

"Firstly, we want to maintain a close relation to our clients, but it is also important that our clients know how airfreight is carried out in practice. We believe that when our clients have seen how an air freighter is loaded, it can help them a lot when planning transports in the future", says Nicolai Nørgaard from Blue Water Billund who had arranged the visit.

12 November 2015 15:06

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