Expanding marine activities in Holland

Due to an increased demand from cruise line companies and suppliers, for warehousing services, Blue Water entered into partnership with Frigo Breda in 2013 to jointly operate European Distribution Centre (EDC) North


After two successful years, we are now able to handle more customers and not only service the cruise lines

Lisette Trab Munk

Global Manager Marine Logistics

During 2015, EDC has handled more than 250 containers through the warehouse, loaded more than 650 trucks with +5,000 pallets and stored +7,000.000 kilos.

02 December 2015 13:00

"After two successful years, we are now able to handle more customers and not only service the cruise lines. As from 2016, we offer storage, order picking and reloading of containers and trucks for all merchandise", says Lisette Trab Munk, who is in charge of Blue Water's Marine Logistics.

Blue Water is in charge of the one point of contact towards the customers whereas Frigo Breda runs the warehouse. Services to be provided include product receiving, counting, verifying merchandise received, slotting and holding merchandise in appropriate locations including order picking.

"Order picking includes selecting items as instructed by cruise line purchasing departments using "first expire first out" (FEFO). Picked items will be packed on pallets for shipping. We record all transactions in the Inventory Management System with online visibility", says Hans Busbroek, Business Development Manager from Blue Water Holland.


  • The warehouse is approved for both EU and NON-EU conforming goods of frozen, chilled and dry goods
  • Bonded items including spirits and perfume
  • Customs and Vet are daily available on-site at the warehouse
  • Customs documents can be opened/closed at the warehouse
02 December 2015 13:00

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