Gigantic turbines for Danish test centre

Four gigantic wind turbines tower in Osterild where the Danish test centre for wind turbines is located. Blue Water has handled the transport of all the turbines which are the largest in the world

The fourth transport for the test centre includes tower sections weighing up to 190 tons each and with a diameter of nearly seven metres.

02 December 2015 09:28

The fourth transport was completed in October when the latest turbine - a Siemens 7 MW - was delivered.

"The turbines arrived by ship at the port of Hanstholm. Here they were discharged and loaded directly on special trailers for the further transportation to the test centre. The gigantic components are high technological and very valuable so we evaluated and conducted every step of the operation carefully", says Arnt Vad Jensen, who has been in charge of the discharging of all four wind turbines in Hanstholm.

All components have been loaded by Blue Water in Esbjerg, Lindo and Aabenraa. Blue Water hopes to be involved in similar projects in the future, as the test centre has seven test stands.

"We have built wide experience and enjoyed a good cooperation with the various wind turbine manufacturers for these transports. And we are ready to do it again when the next turbines are going to be installed", says Arnt Vad Jensen.

02 December 2015 09:28

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