Record-breaking air freight to Houston

In late November 2015, Blue Water received an interesting request for transport of a 26 metre-long Flexible Pipe from Denmark to USA by air for OneSubsea, Houston (a Cameron & Schlumberger company)

The 26 metre-long Flexible Pipe arrives in Luxembourg.

14 January 2016 10:57

The pipe is the longest piece of equipment ever being transported by commercial aircraft into Houston International Airport. Blue Water's team of freight forwarding experts had to work fast as the pipe should reach its destination before the end of the year as agreed with OneSubsea.

Initial planning

"Before the transport could commence, we had numerous telephone conferences involving both OneSubsea and the manufacturer of the pipe, National Oilwell in Kalundborg. The aim was to determine how we could design a packing which could support the Flexible Pipe during transport and handling while also being acceptable for the involved hauliers, airport terminals and the airline", says Nikolaj Buurgard Sørensen, Project Manager at Blue Water.

The packing was approved and manufactured in close cooperation between all parties involved.

Arrival as planned

Once all the road permits were approved in due time, Blue Water loaded the Flexible Pipe in Kalundborg, Denmark on 21 December for a timely delivery to the airport in Luxembourg two days later.

"Loading from truck to aircraft took place in the morning of 24 December and was pulled off with no further problems, enabling the aircraft to take off later that day, says Nikolaj Buurgard Sørensen.

In Houston, our team of experts monitored the discharge operation from the aircraft to the truck and escorted the truck to final destination Magnolia, Texas where it arrived on 28 December as planned.

14 January 2016 10:57

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