Improving the quality

The construction of Blue Water's new terminal in Taulov proceeds according to plan. Serving as a hub for the other terminals in Denmark, the terminal will optimise the operation and provide better quality to the clients


Consolidating our cargo volume, will give us the opportunity to optimise the operation

10 February 2016 10:26

Next summer, when the 12,300 m2 cargo terminal and 1,800 m2 office facilities are completed, we will move into our new terminal in Taulov.

"When the construction is completed, we can start utilising the consolidation effect that the terminal will give us. Consolidating our cargo volume, will give us the opportunity to optimise the operation. This will generate synergies and advantages which means that our clients will experience an improved quality. For instance, this could be fewer or perhaps only one daily collection of their cargo", says Claus Gutfeld who is responsible for the construction at Blue Water.

In addition to the construction itself, other project groups are busily involved. One group is preparing internal guidelines and structures for our future national distribution.

Another group is evaluating which kind of equipment the terminal should have. This is important in order to ensure the optimal handling of the cargo and not least for the sake of the safety of our employees.

Also, there will be other projects in connection with safety/surveillance and the IT systems to be implemented.

10 February 2016 10:26

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Claus Gutfeldt

Claus Gutfeldt

Head of Terminals & Distribution

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