Long bridge sections through Copenhagen

Planning the transport in details is often the best preparation for a challenging project

One of the bridge sections is brought in place.

18 February 2016 10:21

A 335 metre bridge for the Panum Institute in the centre of Copenhagen was transported by Blue Water in 16 separate sections arriving from Poland. The longest section was 34 metres long, more than 3 metres wide and weighed over 45 ton. The site location required thorough planning and execution due to narrow roads and heavy traffic.

"Initially, we planned the transport in detail together with Bladt Industries, who was in charge of constructing and installing the bridge. We conducted a thorough analysis of the two site entrances and possible obstacles, which might interfere with the transports", says Kenneth Ruby, Project Manager from Blue Water.

The bridge sections were installed at night. Therefore a fixed delivery schedule was agreed to ensure punctual delivery and avoid lost time for Bladt Industries during the installation. All 16 sections were delivered as planned.

18 February 2016 10:21

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