Optimistic wind future

Blue Water Singapore has become increasingly involved in the Wind Industry in Asia. Bjarke R. Nielsen has been involved since the start and foresees a promising future


It makes me proud to create solutions that give the clients true value

29 March 2016 09:37

About eight years ago, Blue Water Singapore started focusing on the wind industry in Asia. The infrastructure is one of the main challenges causing constraints on both the execution and safety for wind projects in this part of the world. However, Blue Water has successfully completed several projects.

"Our breakthrough in Asia came when we completed three successive projects in Australia - Macarthur, Mortens Lane and Mimbida - with a total of 175 turbines delivered. Since then, we have ensured safe deliveries for Caparispisan and Pillilla - two challenging projects in the Philippines", says Bjarke R. Nielsen who is Business Development Manager for Blue Water in the APAC region.

Working his way up

Bjarke started as a trainee in our agency department in Esbjerg at the age of 21. After five years, he was given the opportunity of moving to our Singapore office to a position of Key Account Manager. Later on, he started up our chartering desk in Asia. Two years ago, Bjarke changed direction and is now concentrating on business development.

"My primary responsibility is to secure our good relationships with the turbine manufacturers, windfarm developers, equity investors, equipment suppliers, local government authorities etc. As logistics is a vital part of project deve­lopment to achieve financial closure, we are pushing for Blue Water to become involved as consultants at an early stage. We have received good feedback from our clients on our approach of early involvement".

Innovative solutions

The wind projects in the Philippines were great opportunities for Blue Water to show what we can contribute with in terms of innovative solutions.

"Our solutions ranging from roll on/roll of from barge, construction of a temporary beach landing platform and changing some industry standards to planning a transport which could ma­noeuvre through narrow streets in the heavily trafficked Manila. It makes me proud to create solutions that give the clients true value", says Bjarke R. Nielsen.

The future

There are several reasons to be optimistic about the future according to Bjarke. "Political awareness about CO2 emissions means that focus on renewable energy has increased. Together with improved competitiveness due to the technological development of wind turbines, this gives us a very good reason to be optimistic about more wind projects being developed in Asia in the near future".

29 March 2016 09:37

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