Jackets and piles for Wikinger

Blue Water Lindo and Aalborg each solves a series of assignments for the Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm

The photo is from an earlier project where Blue Water Lindo handled the shipping of Bladt foundations for the Baltic II Wind Farm.

19 April 2016 08:49

Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm is being constructed in the German sector of the Baltic Sea and consist of 70 turbines with four-legged jackets fastened to the seabed with four piles. 41 of the jackets are produced at Lindo and the piles are produced in Aalborg. These jackets and piles are transported to Sassnitz-Mukran in Germany.

Blue Water has made an agreement for port handling, stevedoring and agency in both Lindo and Aalborg.

"At Lindo, we will be handling the foundations while Aalborg handles the piles which are produced by Bladt Industries. Both the piles and foundations are transported by barge and we will perform all the preparation of jackets, sea-fastening operations and handling of the barges. Agency for both barges and tugs are also our responsibility. Boskalis will handle the transport themselves", says Kim Thygesen from Blue Water Lindo.

The turbines are installed by Offshore Windforce (a joint venture of Boskalis and Volker Wessels). In total, the wind farm will be able to generate around 350 MW. The remaining 29 jackets are produced in Spain.

19 April 2016 08:49

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