Classic cars on auction

The historic racing festival - Classic Race Aarhus - are hosting a large car auction with classic vehicles for the first time. Blue Water handles the transport of the valuable, historical cars.


Transporting these cars is an interesting niche market which we are gaining an influence on

25 April 2016 08:42

Blue Water Aarhus will be handling all logistics of the valuable cars in connection with the arrangement of one of Europe's largest car auctions for classic cars. The arrangement is held in Aarhus on 28-29 May in connection with the historic racing festival Classic Race Aarhus. It is the first time the car auction is part of the festivities.

"Transporting these cars is an interesting niche market which we are gaining an influence on. Our small team have acquired good experiences handling these types of transports throughout the latest years. It requires special knowledge about document handling. The older the cars are, the more documentation we must handle. This documentation can be just as valuable as the cars as these vehicles are historical", says Jan Dam Poulsen from Blue Water Aarhus.

Around 100 cars are expected to be sold during the auction. They range from exclusive Ferrari's and Bentley's to less expensive Ford models from the seventies. About one third of the cars are shipped from England and arrive in the Port of Esbjerg.

Blue Water are responsible for pick-up of the cars and delivering them to their new owners. This is either done by road, sea or air. Also, a part of the assignment is packing and lashing the cars in containers as well as storing them before and after the auction.

25 April 2016 08:42

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