Offshore spare part delivery for cruise vessel

A spare part was delivered with few hours notice to a ship in need

09 May 2016 13:54

Earlier this year, "Ovation of the Seas" - one of Royal Caribbean's cruise vessels - was in urgent need of a spare part. The vessel was located six hours off the coast of Esbjerg, Denmark where she was doing one of her test trials and Blue Water was trusted with the assignment to ensure that the spare part arrived swiftly.

Through a close cooperation between Blue Water in Esbjerg and Turku the project was solved successfully.

"Around 15 PM we received a request from the Meyer Turku Shipyard to transport the spare part from Turku Airport to Esbjerg on that same day. We chartered a small aircraft to ensure that the transport was carried out as fast as possible. Due to the dimensions of the cargo, the pilots removed a few seats to get the space needed and then they departed from Turku", says Markku Laakso from Blue Water Turku.

Blue Water Turku had already informed their colleagues in Esbjerg about when the spare part was arriving.

"Upon arrival at Esbjerg Airport, we made sure that the cargo was safely discharged and arranged the further transport by truck to the quayside in the Port of Esbjerg. Together with Nicklas Lund from the agency department, I boarded the offshore vessel around midnight to ensure the safe delivery of the parts offshore", says Lisette Trab Munk, Head of Marine Logistics at Blue Water.

09 May 2016 13:54

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