Fourth wind project in Australia

Blue Water Singapore has a strong position on the wind logistics market in Asia due to experience with other projects


The optimism surrounding the development of the Australian market is influenced by the political targets and focus on renewable energy

Bjarke R. Nielsen

Business Development Manager

This photo is from a challenging transport in the Philippines which was completed in 2014.

07 July 2016 10:49

The construction phase of the White Rock Wind Farm in Australia was officially initiated in May 2016. In total 70 x 2.5 MW Goldwind G121 turbines will be installed at the wind farm, and the turbines will be delivered by Blue Water. The Blue Water office in Singapore will be responsible for the task and together with the offices in Shanghai and Sydney they will arrange the transport for what will be the largest wind project for Blue Water to date in Asia. 

Throughout the years, Blue Water Singapore has built comprehensive experience with wind projects across Asia. Building on a vast experience with wind projects from the European market since 1995, innovative solutions and good planning has enabled Blue Water to gain a strong foothold as one of the dominant players on this market in Asia. 

"We will be handling the sea freight from China to Newcastle where we are also in charge of the storage. From Newcastle the turbines will be trucked 515 kilometres to the site where we are also involved in the discharge operations. The turbine blades are 60 metres long - the longest blades used on any Australian project to date - so it is an interesting assignment waiting for us", says Bjarke R. Nielsen.

07 July 2016 10:49

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