Gigantic accommodation modules

The Special Project Department of Blue Water Shipping has recently been involved in the transport of two gigantic accommodation modules weighing up to 650Te

24 August 2016 09:32

Blue Water's involvement also included lifting to and installation on board 'Maersk Guardian', as part of the conversion from drilling rig to accommodation platform.

The accommodation modules, built in Gdynia, Poland, were transported by barge/tug to the port of Frederikshavn, Denmark, for Semco Maritime. After the sea fastenings had been cut/released, the complicated lifting and installation process could begin.

For this job carried out on behalf of Maersk Drilling, Blue Water chartered the sheerleg 'Matador 3' with a lifting capacity of 1800Te and supplied our own riggers for hooking on/off.

For the positioning on board 'Maersk Guardian', Blue Water supplied a team of riggers and equipment to place the modules with millimetre precision.

Prior to the lifting operation, bumpers/guides had been welded to the deck of the rig and the modules, and the final positioning was done by a combination of chain blocks on the inside for pulling and hydraulic jacks on the outside for pushing. This operation was perfomed by competent and experienced Blue Water staff. Having such in-house competences and resources enable us to take on these challenges and perform the services at the highest quality.

24 August 2016 09:32

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