Collaboration is important to development

Blue Water Shipping´s Aid & Relief team had a successful event during the 2016 AidEx in Brussels in the end of 2016


We have invested time and money in visiting hubs all over Africa to streamline our setup

03 January 2017 11:09

Within the humanitarian aid development sector, the gap between needs and resources are increasing and the main theme discussed at this years' exhibition was how to close that growing gap.

"We discussed the importance of collaboration between the private sector and the UN, the NGO's and other players as a catalyst to bring in the manpower, knowledge and finances to develop the Aid & Relief industry for the benefit of all parties involved. From donors to end-receivers of aid", says Johnny Mortensen, Head of Aid & Relief Logistics at Blue Water.

As the world is facing massive humanitarian challenges, Blue Water's Aid & Relief team is also focused on developing their services to the sector.

"We have invested time and money in visiting hubs all over Africa to streamline our setup. Our field work ensures that we know the procedures, rules and regulations for each location. This gives us the advantage to support our clients with fast and high-quality transport solutions. Monitoring our agents serves another purpose - that we can ensure we are working with the right people", says Johnny Mortensen.

Meeting the clients

At the exhibition, Blue Water participated with colleagues from Odense, Billund and Portugal. Even with 2000 visitors at the event, there was time to meet with clients and other interesting people from the sector and let them know how Blue Water works.

Currently, Blue Water is actively involved in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Lebanon and certain African regions bringing in medicine, vehicles, tents, blankets, water filters and other kinds of relief camp items.

03 January 2017 11:09

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Johnny Mortensen

Johnny Mortensen

Head of Aid & Development

+45 7913 4894

Johnny has more than 20 years of experience in the Aid- & Relief industry - creating transport solutions for the NGOs, UN, Ministries and their suppliers. Johnny has been with Blue Water since 2014.