New and extended coverage

Blue Water has changed insurance partner and we now offer an extended coverage at the same competitive price as previously


Through this new cooperation, we can take out cargo insurance with one of the most extensive coverages in the market.

28 March 2017 09:02

Like any other carrier, Blue Water’s operation is governed by local rules or international rules and regulations stipulating that we, in case of damages to or loss of goods during transport, are usually not liable for the total value of the goods. That is why a cargo insurance is so important for our clients.

“Even though we, as carriers, naturally do everything that lies in our power to ensure that the client’s goods will arrive safely and in good condition, unforeseen incidents may unfortunately prevent this. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the client insures his goods during transport. In Blue Water, we focus on informing the client about the importance of taking out a cargo insurance. Through this new cooperation, we are pleased that we are able to offer our clients to take out a cargo insurance, on their behalf, with one of the most extensive coverages in the market”, says Tine Kaaber who is globally responsible for Insurance and Claims at Blue Water.

Full coverage

“Taking out a cargo insurance through Blue Water ensures the client total coverage of the invoice value and freight charges in case of damage to or loss of goods during transport. The client avoids carrier’s limitation of liability and in addition, his costs will be covered in full in case of general average. Professional claims handling is also part of the package”, says Tine Kaaber.

Tine Kaaber is originally a qualified freight forwarding agent, but has for the past 18 years worked as an insurance & claims consultant in the insurance and transport industry.

Furthermore, Tine has studied Transport Law at the Copenhagen University. Tine Kaaber has been employed at Blue Water since 2014 and performs today the function of Global Head of Insurance & Claims.     

28 March 2017 09:02

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