Close cooperation with DONG O&G

Over many years, DONG O&G and Blue Water Shipping have built a close cooperation in Esbjerg

DONG O&G and Blue Water have recently extended their agreement on transport services to run for the next four years.

28 April 2017 11:31

This cooperation has developed to include several of the Blue Water organisation’s activities – such as cargo handling at the port area,  rental of facilities, customs clearance and transport services.

In spite of the downturn in the Oil and Gas industry, the cooperation between DONG O&G and Blue Water goes on and for the past year, Blue Water has in particular worked proactively with DONG O&G on safety measures at the terminal and port area.

“Going through this development with a strong, local client is completely in line with our strategy. Securing a positive, long-standing cooperation with DONG O&G has been a high priority for us. Therefore we are proud that we now have such a wide cooperation as is the case with DONG O&G.  The cooperation on improvements at the terminal and port area also shows that both parties are putting a lot of efforts into the cooperation, which we appreciate highly”, says Allan Leiberg Brodersen.

28 April 2017 11:31

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