Sailing adventure

Three adventurous young lads from the south of Denmark will soon turn their dream into reality. The three lads will be cruising the Mediterranean


A part of our purpose with this trip is to meet the local people wherever we go. We are hoping that they can provide us with some good advice and ideas as to where we should go.

Mads Ahrenkiel

The boys have promised to send us regular accounts of their journey. You can read about the journey on our Facebook profile page.

12 June 2017 10:58

The trip cannot be completed without buying various equipment and here Blue Water comes into the picture as sponsor.

During the winter, the three boys - Nikolaj Bie Rasmussen, Hans Kobberø and Mads Ahrenkiel – have prepared themselves for their big adventure. They have made their recently acquired boat “Lima” ready for the cruise, obtained their VHF and sailing certificates and the navigation route has been planned. Each boy will have his own area of responsibility on board: Hans is the skipper, Nikolaj is responsible for the provisioning and Mads is first mate.

“Our longing to go cruising started when we watched the popular Danish television programme about a family cruising the world in their sailing boat. We started making plans for a similar adventure which will soon become reality”, says Nikolaj.

”We easily recognise the three boys’ love of adventure. Blue Water is based on a dream of creating a transport company – the preferred local transport provider – and seizing the opportunities in the markets that we operate in. The boys’ can-do spirit and sense of adventure are in line with the culture of Blue Water”, says Flemming Bruun Sørensen, General Manager in Blue Water Sonderborg.

On 5 June, Nikolaj, Hans and Mads left Sonderborg shaping a course for the Mediterranean and are expected back again in approx. six months.

12 June 2017 10:58

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Flemming Bruun Sorensen

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