Urgent delivery to Danish Defence

Swift deliveries and efficiency is part of Blue Water’s services. That is what the Danish Defence found out when they suffered an engine breakdown in Greenland

13 June 2017 10:20

When one of the Danish Defence’s helicopters suffered an engine breakdown that could not be repaired on site, Danish Defence was in urgent need of a new helicopter. Blue Water solved the problem swiftly and effectively.

The helicopter is part of the Danish Defence’s preparedness on the Faroes and in Iceland and Greenland and this helicopter was destined for Keflavik, Iceland.

“The new helicopter could not just fly from Denmark to Iceland by itself. The weather conditions were bad which would involve many intermediate landings and transport by sea would take too long. Instead we chartered an air freighter to transport the new helicopter and return the defect one. All steps in the transport were coordinated in close cooperation with Joint Movement and Transportation Organisation – the transport unit of Danish Defence”, says Nicolai Nørgaard, Manager Government and Defense Logistics, Blue Water Billund.

In Iceland, Blue Water’s local experts arranged transport of the defect helicopter to the airport. From here, the defect helicopter was transported back to Denmark.

13 June 2017 10:20

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Nicolai Norgaard

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