Safety course and focus on education

Safety is the number one priority at Blue Water, however, in case of any accidents, it is important to be well-prepared. Therefore, the Port Services division recently completed a first aid course

One of the simulated accidents the Port Services division trained at the recent first aid course included a traffic accident on the quay.

05 October 2017 11:33

All employees in the Port Services division in Esbjerg participates in the mandatory first aid course which is held every second year.

“Our daily operations are planned with strong focus on safety. Blue Water must be a safe and healthy workplace for both employees and partners. We want to take all possible precautions to make sure that our employees know what to do in case of an accident. If it happens, it is vital to keep calm and react fast. That is what we train during these courses. That our employees can use everything they learn at the course in their free time is an added benefit”, says Søren Messmann, General Manager Port Services Esbjerg.

At the recent course, the participants simulated different types of accidents. The course was held together with AP Services and PEAK Safety, who have many years of experience with first aid courses.

In addition to the first aid course, Blue Water is in the process of rolling out a Safety Awareness programme for Management as well as for many other colleagues from the different offices. The participants are trained in safety culture as well as in the importance of intervention to ensure safe working conditions at the workplace. The efforts made by Blue Water within safety, courses and training aims to achieve a workplace with no accidents. 

05 October 2017 11:33

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Soren Messmann

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