Clean water by Hippo Water Rollers

Blue Water’s Aid and Relief team has transported 400 Hippo Water Rollers to the Marshall Islands. Now, the locals can collect 90 litres of water at a time and minimise the physical stress burden

30 October 2017 10:40

The Hippo Water Roller is a barrel invented with the purpose of making water collection simpler for third world countries. The barrel contains up to 90 litres of water and can be pushed or rolled by use of a handle. This way the physical stress burden is minimised compared to carrying buckets or other containers on their heads, as the local are used to do.

In October, the 400 Hippo Rollers arrived at Ebeye in a container. Ebeye is one of the minor islands of the Marshall Islands and is located a six-hour flight east of Australia.

The transport was handled by Blue Water’s Aid and Relief team.

"The assignment went exactly as we had planned. It was nice to see the happy faces of the locals as they received their Hippo Rollers”, says Marina Kongstedt, Freight Forwarder in the Aid & Relief team. 

30 October 2017 10:40

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Johnny Mortensen

Johnny Mortensen

Head of Aid & Development

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Johnny has more than 20 years of experience in the Aid- & Relief industry - creating transport solutions for the NGOs, UN, Ministries and their suppliers. Johnny has been with Blue Water since 2014.