Blue Water acquires Frede Matzen

On 1 January, Blue Water acquires all activities from Frede Matzen in Ribe, who holds a strong position within special transports. The aim is that the combined strengths will extend the position

Frede Matzen on the left and Klaus Bindesbøll from Blue Water Herning

11 December 2017 14:24

For Blue Water it is strategically a good agreement which will add to strengthen the position on the market for special transports. Therefore, it is a great pleasure to acquire a well-established company with great expertise.

“Frede Matzen’s activities compliment ours really well and by adding further skilled employees to our team, we will continue to develop our position as a strong player within this market”, says Klaus Bindesbøll from Blue Water Herning.

The two companies know each other well from years of cooperation with special transports. As Frede Matzen has prioritized to scale down his activity, it was a good opportunity to let Blue Water take over the activities.

“I am pleased with the agreement. It means that we keep four workplaces in the haulier department in the company. With this agreement, our drivers can keep providing the best service within special transports of heavy items. Throughout the years, I have had an excellent cooperation with Blue Water, and I am pleased that it is a competent company that takes over”, says Frede Matzen.

Frede Matzen will continue to work as a haulier for some years and will drive exclusively for Blue Water. This will also make sure that the transition will be smooth for the clients, who can still reach Frede by phone.

11 December 2017 14:24

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