Sound sleep for vulnerable youngsters

Blue Water has sponsored a transport to a Christmas Seal Foundation Home housing vulnerable children and young people. The cargo consisted of mattresses sponsored by our good client Tempur Sealy

16 January 2018 11:02

The mattresses have been transported from Aarup in Funen to the home in Roskilde on Sealand to ensure the children sound and peaceful sleep.

For Blue Water, it is a joy to be able to help.

“For Blue Water, it has always been important to support the local environment and others who are in need. That is why we choose to show our support through sponsorships of local sports clubs and talents. In this situation, we seized the opportunity to help by delivering what we do best – a transport solution. We are pleased that we can support the home in Roskilde, which helps children and young people by ensuring them a life of joy and wellbeing in a caring environment”, says Claus Bæk, who is responsible for the Exhibition department in Blue Water. 


16 January 2018 11:02

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