Ship hull extension at Lindo

By using SPMT units, operating with great accuracy, Blue Water assisted Fayard A/S with a twenty-metre hull extension

02 February 2018 10:52

SPMT units (self-propelled modular transporter) are special trailers designed for transporting extremely heavy items. An SPMT consists of axles, each with 40-ton lifting capacity, and can be combined as required depending on the weight of the cargo.

“We enjoy a long-time cooperation with Fayard A/S. For this specific project, our Engineer and Stevedore Manager cooperated with Fayard A/S in creating a perfect solution measured on time, safety and flexibility”, says Jens Anker Gents, General Manager at Blue Water Lindo.

In the drydock at Lindoe. the hull was cut into two pieces. Subsequently, the 600-ton stem was moved forward by the SPMT units. In the next step, the extension sections were lowered into the drydock by crane and welded into position. Beforehand, Blue Water had transported the sections from the storage area to the drydock.

The SPMT’s 360-degree steering capacity makes the units extremely manoeuvrable. In total, Blue Water has 66 axles at its disposal which can transport around 2,500 tons.

02 February 2018 10:52

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Jens Anker Gents

Jens Anker Gents

General Manager

Lindo & Szczecin

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