Hospital equipment to Burkina Faso

Blue Water has sponsored a container transport with hospital and dental equipment to Burkina Faso in West Africa for the DBL-KONSOO organisation.The equipment is of great help to the local community

The heavy x-ray and dental equipment were unloaded manually from the container by the many helpers. Aase Bonde is at the far right

17 April 2018 14:34

“On behalf of our organization and myself, I would like to thank Blue Water for helping us in DBL-KONSOO throughout the past four years. Without your help, we would not have been able to transport the medical equipment to Burkina Faso. With your help and the help of the Medico technicians from different hospitals in Region South, we have been able to help the local communities to a new development”, says Aase Bonde, Chairman in DBL-KONSOO.

For the past four years, Blue Water has supported DBL-KONSOO in Burkina Faso. The organisation creates development within the fields of education, environment and health. One way of helping is by providing hospital equipment from Danish regions to the local hospitals.

So far, six hospitals have been substantially upgraded and given better possibilities of examining and helping patients. Since March 2017, heart disease patients have been given the opportunity for a medical examination and two dental clinics have been established.

17 April 2018 14:34

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Johnny Mortensen

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Johnny has more than 20 years of experience in the Aid- & Relief industry - creating transport solutions for the NGOs, UN, Ministries and their suppliers. Johnny has been with Blue Water since 2014.