NATO mission logistics for Danish Defence

Blue Water handled the transport of both equipment, spare parts and extra F-16 engines in connection with a large NATO mission on Iceland. A close cooperation ensured a smooth operation


JMTO have only positive words about Blue Waters competent employees who will go to great lengths to make things go.

01 June 2018 10:52

The Danish Defence’s logistics department, The Joint Movement and Transportation Organisatio (JMTO), contacted Blue Water in January regarding this assignment and has afterwards expressed their satisfaction with the way Blue Water solved the job.

“Fantastic. Working together with Danish Defence is not always easy as deadlines are not always observed. This is primarily because Danish Defence’s equipment is in high demand and is used in many different locations worldwide. JMTO have only positive words about Blue Waters competent employees who will go the great length to make things go., says Martin Jensen, Staff Sergeant and Transport Specialist from JMTO.

Communication, flexibility and security

All logistics assignments were planned in cooperation with Danish Defence. When the cargo arrived in the port of Reykjavik, Blue Water handled the further transport to Keflavik with help from the colleagues in Blue Water Reykjavik. Flexibility and communication were key words for solving the assignment.

“From the beginning, we communicated closely about the project phases. Everything from planning and frequent updates of the cargo’s position were very important for Danish Defence. It was a way for the Danish Defence to make sure that their own people was present when the drivers arrived to pass the security check and enter the base area”, says Nicklas Christensen, Freight Forwarding Agent, Special Accounts, Blue Water Billund.

Although the project took place during Easter and Whitsun, all shipments were collected and delivered on time.

01 June 2018 10:52

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