Adjusting Lack of Capacity surcharge

The transport industry is experiencing a growing demand for capacity which also mean increased costs to secure the necessary capacity. Therefore, the Lack of Capacity surcharge will be adjusted from 5 to 8.5 percent with effect from 1 August

29 June 2018 09:53

The transport industry sees a growing demand for capacity.

Within all our markets we experience an intensified pressure on the provision of trucks. At the same time, we see less trucks available as there is still a substantial shortage of truck drivers.

Blue Water has for a long time paid more for securing the necessary capacity of trucks and we believe that the demand will  remain at the present level.

To be able to provide service to our clients and cover their present demands, it is necessary to adjust the surcharge that we introduced  in the autumn of 2017.

With effect as from 1 August 2018, we will therefore increase the “LOC” surcharge (Lack of Capacity) from 5.0 percent to 8.5 percent.

As this is a situation beyond our control, we kindly ask for your understanding in this respect.

We will follow the development and keep you informed.

29 June 2018 09:53

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