Port agents for survey vessel

Blue Water Brest acted as agents when the survey vessel VOS SWEET was carrying out underwater surveys. The scope included coordination, transport, customs clearance and crew change

Blue Water Brest were also involved in arranging delivery of specific equipment at sea.

03 July 2018 13:14

The task required Blue Water to be involved in mobilization in two phases in May and June.

“We made sure that the scientific and geologist teams were embarked safely with their equipment in Brest. Also, we were responsible for coordination, transport as well as deliveries and customs clearance of various electronic equipment and handling crew changes”, says Frédéric Jullien, Logistics Manager Agency & Port from Blue Water Brest.

Connecting Ireland and France

The vessel VOS SWEET was carrying out underwater surveys to study the seabed. This is the first step towards installing a 580 kilometre underwater electrical cable by 2021. The cable will connect Ireland and France enabling Ireland to supply 700 MW of power to France.

03 July 2018 13:14

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