NUKIGA Trade Fair

A successful two-day trade fair took place in Aarhus, Denmark in September

27 September 2018 13:03

Contrary to last year’s event, which was a completely new initiative, we saw far more activity in this year’s debates and many interesting stakeholders visited the fair, among others the mayor of Aarhus Jacob Bundsgaard. 

Since 2016, NUKIGA has provided an arena for Greenland artists and entrepreneurs for exposing art, culture and trade and industry towards Denmark and the global markets. Through cultural and business-oriented activities and projects, NUKIGA creates space for the important stories from the Greenland growth potential as well as for a solid foundation for cooperation, based on knowledge, dialogue, respect and equality, between Greenland, Danish and global actors. 

“Naturally, Blue Water participated in the event in view of our extensive activities in Denmark to, from and within Greenland with our own offices in various Greenland locations. Per Holm Norgaard, Director of Blue Water Aalborg and Frederikshavn, who has lived in Greenland in the past, fulfilled the role of Greenland expert in a panel discussing business development in Greenland. I myself participated in various case debates arranged by the event organisers”, says the Director of Blue Water Aarhus Jan Dam Poulsen.

Al in all,  it was a very successful event that opened good possibilities of networking and raising our profile as a strong actor in the port of Aarhus.

27 September 2018 13:03

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