Assisting Sabella again

Blue Water Brest was part of successful and challenging offshore project

‘Far Superior’ installing the turbine offshore.

23 October 2018 09:38
In mid-October, Blue Water Brest’s Agency department was entrusted with a very interesting job as they once again assisted our long-time client Sabella with the preparation of reinstallation of their tidal turbine.

This time the project was awarded by Sabella to Inyanga Maritime Ltd., UK - Richard Parkinson. The ultramodern vessel “Far Superior” was chartered to do the job. The turbine was successfully installed and connected at 60-metre water depth between the island of Ushant and Brest and is already producing clean energy.

“Blue Water assisted Sabella and Inyanga Maritime with coordinating the whole mobilisation and de-mobilisation operation in the port of Brest, and we are very proud of being part of this very interesting project”, says Marianne Girardin, Marine Renewable Manager at Blue Water Brest. 

Fanch Le Bris, CEO of Sabella has subsequently sent his appreciation of the successful operation: “On behalf of SABELLA and its project team, I would like to thank and congratulate all the actors of this successful offshore operation on this challenging job. It has been a real pleasure to work with you all. Good vessel and equipment, expert people and good weather. Not a question of luck, but a good preparation“.
23 October 2018 09:38

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