Pioneering temperature-controlled structures

Harnessing solar energy to deliver temperature-controlled structures for the humanitarian aid family

01 November 2018 08:47
Blue Water’s Aid and Development Logistics team has been working for some time with Dawsongroup International on an innovative and pioneering inflatable storage structure powered by an off-grid hybrid solar energy system, The purpose of this solution is to enable the rapid transportation, erection and implementation of temperature-controlled logistics solutions to NGOs, the UN health-related organisations and direct governmental groups who have a pressing need to store medicine, food, grain and many other commodities in demanding geographical and socially deprived regions.

Transported to UN base in Italy

It has arrived!  With no accidents, incidents or issues, Blue Water has transported the complete system by truck to the United Nations’ base in Brindisi in Italy. The loading was performed from Dawson Group´s hub in Rotterdam in cooperation with Dawsongroup Benelux and Blue Water’s Aid and Development Logistics team in Denmark who advised on international customs protocols and the origination and supply of critical customs documentation such as certificates of origin etc.

Future deliveries to remote locations worldwide

We are excited and enthusiastic to be involved from the outset as regards advising on logistics and practical issues of transportation within a humanitarian aid environment. Currently, we are working with the Dawson group in respect of developing further effective transportation of the units where speed and erection of the structure are critical to save lives and deliver humanitarian aid at the point of need. 
We have a vast experience in arranging such critical transportation through our worldwide office and agency network, and an intimate understanding for instance of where to secure and how to transport critical vaccines and medicine for the humanitarian aid family around the world.
“Witnessing the system build and standing within an environment of minus 18 degrees within literally hours of construction was an exciting and unique experience. The powering of this complete unit, using traditional grid, generator and solar energy in combination, has the potential to revolutionise the traditional issue of storage within the humanitarian aid and disaster relief environment in my opinion” says Johnny Mortensen, Head of Blue Water’s Aid and Development Logistics team.

Securing the cold chain for important medicine

This complete solution has been designed from the outset specifically for the humanitarian and disaster family to address what we feel are the critical issues surrounding the speed and implementation of reliable and robust temperature-controlled storage structures for people in real urgent need. The structure can be deployed, and erected ready for receiving goods or medicine within literally hours, the structure is modular so that if the need for increased capacity occurs, this can be accomplished again within hours with no typical construction issues. We also wanted to address the issue of power for these units and we are genuinely excited about the capabilities of our integrated off-grid solar energy solution to accomplish this demanding task, comments Anthony O´Neill, International New Business Development Manager, Dawsongroup, UK, who also expresses his and Dawsongroup’s great satisfaction with the cooperatin with Blue Water.
01 November 2018 08:47

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Johnny Mortensen

Johnny Mortensen

Head of Aid & Development

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Johnny has more than 20 years of experience in the Aid- & Relief industry - creating transport solutions for the NGOs, UN, Ministries and their suppliers. Johnny has been with Blue Water since 2014.