Special transports to Windstar Cruises

Windstar Cruises in Seattle, USA requested Blue Water’s Rotterdam office to arrange transport of special cargoes to MSY “Wind Surf”

Hurricane workboat perfectly loaded with special crane truck at JGP Piraeus

21 December 2018 08:29
MSY “Wind Surf”, owned by Windstar Cruises, is a five-mast staysail schooner and one of the world’s largest sailing cruise ships carrying up to 310 passengers along with a crew of 214. 

Safe and precise delivery of workboat

In October 2018, Blue Water Rotterdam placed a truck with an inflatable Hurricane workboat including boat trailer in Venice, Italy alongside the MSY “Wind Surf” for transfer on board the schooner. The workboat had been repaired and upgraded at the leading marine technical company JGP Hellas Ltd. in Piraeus, Greece and was going to replace the old workboat on board.  

In consultation with the local agent Cemar Agency Network, Venice, the local Port Services and the Chief Officer on board MSY “Wind Surf”, Kieran Kelleher, a plan had been prepared in advance. The workboat and trailer were with precision loaded from the truck by the ship's crane. Chief Officer Kieran Kelleher said that the operation with the ship's crane was very exciting and that for a moment he thought unloading from the truck would not work out. From the quay slope, the boat was rolled into the water and tested extensively and then hoisted from the water on board the schooner.

Afterwards the old Hurricane workboat was hoisted off the schooner and loaded onto the truck in the same way and returned to JGP Hellas in Greece. A well-organised project proving that precise cooperation and preparation between all parties involved pay off.

Transport and restoration of piano

Our second project for Windstar Cruises within a short time was the transport and restoration of an old piano to the MSY “Wind Surf”. 

“We found a piano repair shop near Rotterdam who restored the piano. We also succeeded in finding a carrier specialised in packaging and transporting pianos. He packed the piano in a wooden box, with a special screw slide to place it upright in the box, and delivered the piano to our warehouse in Barendrecht (Rotterdam) on schedule”, says Leon Van Vuuren, who coordinated this special transport at the Rotterdam office. 

Subsequently the wooden box was loaded on our truck destined for Barcelona, where it was hoisted safely from the truck and placed on board the MSY “Wind Star”. Again, Chief Officer Kieran Kelleher played an important role in the successful operation.

21 December 2018 08:29

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