Logistics to exciting project in Iceland

Blue Water is in charge of transport insurance as well as handling and storage of goods

18 February 2019 13:39

Blue Water’s offices in Copenhagen and Reykjavik in Iceland have since last summer been involved in an exciting project which includes air freight of 300 tons cargo from Hong Kong to Keflavik in Iceland.

The client is Senator International Indonesia, a freight forwarding company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Blue Water’ has become involved in the project through an agency network, PFI Group, which both we and Senator are members of.

“This is a giant project which we are very proud of and happy for having been awarded. However, we do not carry out the actual transport, this is taken care of by Senator themselves, but we are in charge of transport insurance, handling and storage in Iceland as well as insurance of the goods in storage. The project is expected to be completed in March 2019”, says Julie Preisler, Manager North Atlantic at Blue Water Copenhagen.

18 February 2019 13:39

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