Logistics to wind farm in Tasmania

In November 2018, Blue Water were awarded by Goldwind International to manage the transport of wind turbine generators from China to Australia

07 March 2019 10:16

The project is called Cattle Hill Wind Farm and is located in the central highlands of Tasmania. When completed, the wind farm will consist of 48 wind turbine generators. The components will be shipped from Lianyungang, China to the port of Bell Bay, Tasmania. Blue Water will be in charge of the logistics from Lianyungang until delivered at the wind farm site.

“The project involves experts from Blue Water’s offices in Singapore, China and Australia. First loadout took place during Christmas 2018, and the wind farm will have capacity to deliver power to 63,500 households in Tasmania each year. We are very proud of being entrusted with the logistics for this exciting project”, says Soheil Abdollahi, Project Manager at Blue Water Singapore.

07 March 2019 10:16

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