Strong development in Sea and Air Freight

During recent years, Blue Water has increased its activities with strong Sea and Air Freight solutions


We have a very prominent position within the fields of sea, air and courier transport in particular in the Danish market

26 March 2019 11:19

Blue Water experiences a solid growth both in respect of transport of traditional cargo and extremely specialised cargo.

“We have a very prominent position within the fields of sea, air and courier transport, in particular in the Danish market, because we deliver strong products and solutions to our clients. But also in respect of other countries and regions, where we do not have the same performance history in the market for sea, air and courier, we experience a significant development and see fine growth rates”, says Palle Kamstrup, Director for Sea and Air in Blue Water.

The individual Blue Water offices work closely together to fulfil the clients’ global transport needs. Precisely the comprehensive network of Blue Water offices and selected agents means that we can create and combine transport solutions matching different needs. Furthermore, Blue Water is involved in a series of specialised activities that need special competences and set-up.

“Our areas of specialisation, such as Government & Defence, Aid & Relief, Perishables and Aviation, are developing rapidly, and also our transport activities to Greenland and the North Atlantic region, where we have a very strong position in the market, are an important part of the supply chain. These are areas for which we continuously develop our expertise and make Blue Water an attractive partner for clients who have high demands to their supply chain”.

26 March 2019 11:19

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