Blue Water’s fish adventure in Padborg

It started with one basic client in Hirtshals, Denmark in 1990, and today the Padborg terminal handles approx. 80,000 bookings a year

08 April 2019 09:00

Blue Water’s office and terminal in Padborg are exclusively involved in transport of fresh and frozen fish. The fish adventure originally started in Hirtshals in 1986, and in 1996 it was decided to transfer the activities to the new terminal in Padborg. 

Friday and Saturday are by far the biggest exporting days. The volumes handled via the terminal - 85-90,000 tons - are equivalent to 90-110 trucks per week. The main part (70%) are fresh, iced fish from Scandinavia, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, 25% are fresh, iced farmed salmon from Norway and 5% are frozen fish. 

Dedicated office and terminal staff

The terminal staff include 13 permanently employed and 40-60 casual staff, while the 15 office staff are divided between the terminal group, the export team and accounting. 

The terminal group consists of five persons, dealing with the paperwork in connection with the fish sorting at the terminal, as well as Terminal Manager Svend Bonde who is in charge of the terminal operation and staff.

The export team numbers four colleagues who control the traffics and the related paperwork.
Last but not least, there is the accounting team who takes care of settlements, also for other Blue Water offices handling fish via the Padborg terminal.

The important export markets

“The export markets include Germany, Eastern Europe, Sweden as well as domestic/Denmark which mainly covers collection of fish from the biggest ports in Denmark to the terminal in Padborg. Furthermore, we have a reefer traffic, solely loading fish from Northern Germany and Holland to the South of Europe. We are, however, not the only ones using the terminal in connection with transport of fish. The above volumes also include the Reefer Road group in Esbjerg mainly exporting to France, Holland and Belgium, Reefer Road in Aalborg having Spain, Portugal and Italy as export markets as well as the Reefer Road team in Hirtshals supplying salmon from Norway to our export traffics and export of chilled and frozen food products to Norway”, says Michael Korn Frederiksen, General Manager, Blue Water Padborg.  

08 April 2019 09:00

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