Cyclone assistance to victims

In March, the IDAI cyclone hit the coast of Southeast Africa - Mozambique and also deep into Malawi and Zimbabwe

12 April 2019 08:33

Blue Water Shipping’s Aid & Development Logistics team has worked hard to assist the many aid organisations in their struggle to help the local populations in the affected region. More than 1.5 million people have been affected across the three countries and many have died during the storm.

Aid cargo such as emergency shelters, clean water and water treatment tablets, blankets, food, clothing, generators, fuel, diagnostic kits for malaria and cholera/diarrhoea detection and medicine have been distributed by helicopters, planes, trucks, boats etc.

90% of Beira destroyed

According to the Red Cross, up to 90% of Beira, Mozambique’s fourth-largest city, have been damaged or destroyed. The devastated city is now in reality an island amid the flooded area with communications, power and clean water severely disrupted or non-existent.

“We have been working around the clock and during weekends to assist our clients and partners with air transport, trucks and updates through our network, well knowing that we are just a small part of the big puzzle when something so disastrous happens”, says Johnny Mortensen, Head of Blue Water’s Aid & Development Logistics team, adding: “We have picked up aid cargo from Pakistan, India, Europe, USA, Middle East as well from local emergency stocks in East Africa. With the flights fully booked throughout the period after the disaster, it has been a big challenge for everyone. Our team did a great job and showed what Blue Water really is: dedicated people going the extra mile!”.

12 April 2019 08:33

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Johnny Mortensen

Johnny Mortensen

Head of Aid & Development

+45 7913 4894

Johnny has more than 20 years of experience in the Aid- & Relief industry - creating transport solutions for the NGOs, UN, Ministries and their suppliers. Johnny has been with Blue Water since 2014.