Asbjørn accepted the challenge

23-year-old Asbjørn Sig Lauritsen took up the challenge and moved from Esbjerg, Denmark to Baku, Azerbaijan


My everyday life is exciting and challenging – especially learning the local language is a challenge.

25 April 2019 09:54

In Blue Water we help and encourage our employees to keep their professional knowledge updated and further develop their skills. For those who dream of a job abroad, there are possibilities of turning their dreams into reality at one of our many worldwide offices. 

23-year-old Asbjørn Sig Lauritsen took up the challenge and moved from the Oil, Gas & Industrial Projects group (OGIP) in Esbjerg to Baku, Azerbaijan in November 2018.  

Well prepared for the job

Asbjørn was employed in Esbjerg in 2014, and he has a solid professional background from his apprenticeship in Road Transport Southern Europe and Deep Sea, respectively, followed by a two-year period in the OGIP team. He is therefore well prepared for a job in Blue Water Baku, and he already knows his new colleagues from cooperating with them on the transports to the Caspian region. 

OGIP in Esbjerg serves as Key Account for the local clients from the Energy Sector. The OGIP team is also specialised in out of gauge transports as well as transports to the Caspian region. The Baku office plays an important role in the network of Oil, Gas & industrial projects offices within Blue Water, and historically the office has been involved in many of the major projects, including the TCO project. 

New challenges

“My working day is diversified. The logistics part is very different from Denmark. Azerbaijan’s export is minimal compared to its import, and the customs procedures are more stringent. The Oil & Energy sector is big, in fact it is Azerbaijan’s biggest export article. 

Together with one of my colleagues, I handle the shipments for a number of companies involved in the Oil and Gas Industry. It is typically urgent shipments, such as parts for oil rigs, oil installations or vessels, forwarded by air or courier”, says Asbjørn who can make use of his experience from OGIP, Esbjerg in his new job. 

Asbjørn’s job also includes meetings with potential clients and calculating quotations. For the time being, he is involved in a major project of shipments via the Russian river system in close cooperation with his former colleagues at the Esbjerg office among others. 

“It is very interesting to meet and establish relations with people. Providing excellent service, creating unique solutions and contributing to creating value for the clients is a fantastic experience”. 

A new culture – a new life

“My everyday life is exciting and challenging – especially learning the local language is a challenge. People here speak Azerbaijani or Russian. When I first arrived, I only had a minimum of Russian vocabulary and my Azerbaijani was as good as non-existent – but it is a little bit better now. We have a good teamwork at the office, and we laugh a lot. Despite the fact that the main part of the internal communication is in Azerbaijani or Russian, my colleagues are good at drawing me into the conversation. 

I have established a fine network, and I enjoy life here. Outside office hours I go to the fitness centre, I play table tennis and I go to an English pub to follow the weekend’s football matches – in particular when Manchester United is playing”.

25 April 2019 09:54

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