Cooperation generates optimal solutions

Blue Water has since 2005 provided efficient transport solutions to the Danish company Komproment


We have an excellent cooperation with Blue Water who delivers the required service.

30 April 2019 10:22

Our long-time customer, Komproment, is a supplier of roof and facade systems to customers in Denmark and abroad. 

“We have an excellent cooperation with Blue Water who delivers the required service, and the tasks that we assign to Blue Water are never regarded as being too small. Our tasks are taken seriously, and we feel that we are in good and safe hands”, says Mads Røge, Loistics Manager, Komproment.  

He appreciates the honesty of the cooperation, which contributes to the best solutions. “It is important for us that we together can find the optimal solution to the challenges that may occur. Logistics shall match our customers’ demands, and it does”. 

The supplier of tile and slate roof and facade systems Komproment was founded 20 years ago. The company focuses on developing roof systems as well as facade systems, and the company’s own engineers are responsible for the development – as well as in cooperation with subsuppliers. Blue Water assists Komproment with the import of tile and slate from Germany, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Brazil.      

I feel that Blue Water’s freight forwarders on the various markets are good at understanding what is important for us, and they also work together with our suppliers for an optimal solution”, says Mads Røge.    

Mads Røge (to the right), Logistics Manager, Komproment is pleased with the cooperation with Jesper Kassow and the rest of the Blue Water team who contribute to providing the right transport solutions.

30 April 2019 10:22

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