Optimism in the Reefer industry

SIAL in Shanghai, China - a trade show with many interesting possibilities

04 June 2019 08:49

In mid-May, Fabrice Rolland, BWS Brest, Raimond Lodder, BWS Rotterdam and Simon Auken Skov, BWS Esbjerg participated at the international SIAL food exhibition in Shanghai. The 19th edition of the yearly recurring trade show, which is said to be the world’s third largest event with about 3,500 exhibitors and almost 120,000 visitors, proved to be a very interesting opportunity to meet customers, importers, producers and partners from all parts of the world.

“It was some very busy days at the fair, where the main topic was the effect of the African Swine Fever outbreak in China. This has caused a big increase in pork prices the previous months, and can possibly lead to a lot of interesting opportunities, but also unrest at the pork market and potentially other commodities”, says Simon Auken Skov from Reefer Sea Esbjerg.

“Furthermore, we had many good meetings with local importers in China, which also gave a perspective of the way they are acting in the current market. The exhibition was well visited by people from all continents, who are not only are involved in business in China, but also to many other destinations worldwide. All in all, it was a very positive experience which proved that there is a lot of optimism in the industry at the moment”.

04 June 2019 08:49

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