Blue Water Brest assisting Sabella again

Blue Water was ready at short notice when Sabella’s tidal turbine needed to be retrieved for technical maintenance

05 June 2019 09:59

In mid-April we received a call from Sabella advising that they needed to retrieve their tidal turbine for a quick technical maintenance – and that they had awarded this job to Inyanga Tech, Richard Parkinson. Both companies asked if we would be ready with very short notice and have the permitting to work in French waters in place.

Of course we could – so they went ahead with the operation on “Olympic Zeus”, a so-called CSV vessel (Constructive Support Vessel), where Blue Water Shipping handled the coordination on the two port calls in Brest.

“The operations went very well, the turbine was retrieved and discharged on the quay in Brest without any problems, and we are very happy participating in this renewable energy form”, explains Alexandre Blanc from Blue Water, who handled the calls.

05 June 2019 09:59

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