Clients visiting container vessel

In May, we had the pleasure of inviting a group of shipping people from our good customer Nowaco on board a ship in the port of Aarhus

FL: Frederik Condrup/MSC, Nicolai Borum/Nowaco, Captain Bono Loreto/MSC, Casper Gross/Nowaco, Chris Sorrell/Blue Water, Daniel Brandt, Debbie Lindhof Jensen, Jesper Meier Sørensen/all from Nowaco and Leander Reimar/Blue Water.

20 June 2019 07:59

"The ship "MSC Mirja" is a so-called ULCV (Ultra Large Container Vessel) with a capacity of almost 20,000 TEUs," says Christopher Sorrell from Reefer Sea, Esbjerg.

"After refreshments on the bridge, Captain Loreto explained how the vessel is operating and the procedures involved during arrival, loading and departure. The Bridge also provided the group the perfect position to observe the efficiency in connection with loading containers from the quay on board the ship. We were then taken on a guided tour to the engine room, among other places, and met other members of the crew, giving an insight into the daily life on board a modern-day container vessel."

"Our thanks go out to MSC and Captain Bono Loreto for the guided tour and for showing us how containers are handled in practice, ensuring that our consignments are shipped on time."

MSC MirjaThe "MSC Mirja" is an impressive vessel.

20 June 2019 07:59

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