Pregnant cows arriving by plane to UAE

Blue Water’s office in Dubai took care of the safe and timely onward transportation to the final destination

30 July 2019 10:16
During the last quarter of 2018, one of the leading dairy farms in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) approached Blue Water’s Dubai office for a cost estimate for import of pregnant cows. The dairy farm chose Blue Water because of our expertise with similar highly sensitive shipments for other leading dairies in the region.

“In April, the shipment was confirmed. The client arranged an air charter from Germany to Sharjah, UAE, and 165 pregnant cows arrived at Sharjah Airport in early May. Blue Water Dubai was responsible for the local customs clearance and the safe and successful onward transport and delivery to the local client’s facility in UAE, says Mandar Joshi from Blue Water’s team in Dubai. He and his colleague, Jayesh Narayanan, who were both involved in the transport and present in the airport, closely monitored the local transportation until the cows were safely delivered next day’s morning at final destination. “We are grateful to Sharjah Airport Authorities and staff for their unconditional support to minimise delay, which was very critical for this shipment".
30 July 2019 10:16

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