Business trip to Cyprus and Athens

Earlier this year our colleagues had a short but fruitful business trip to Cyprus and Athens

18 September 2019 09:41

Mathias Sondergaard from  Port agency, Blue Water Aalborg and Kasper Sommer Global Head of Marine Logistics, Blue Water Copenhagen had a short but fruitful business trip to Cyprus and Athens . earlier this year.

“The purpose of the trip was to visit existing customers that we have worked with for years, but we also took some time to visit ship owners that we believe we can assist in the future ”, says Mathias Sondergaard.

Aside from visiting customers we also paid a visit to our Marine Logistics partners; Shoham in Limassol, Cyprus and Aritrans in Athens, Greece.

“Giving the high concentration of ship owners and ship management companies in Greece and Cyprus, we consider these to be some very important market for our Port Agency and Marine Logistics services. Blue Water is well known for our expertise in the maritime sector, however with constant development of our service offerings and the changing business landscape among the ship owners and management companies, we need to be very active in the market visiting our potential and existing customers”, says Kasper Sommer. 

18 September 2019 09:41

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