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Blue Water’s courier and parcel concept stands for flexibility and efficient transport solutions

06 November 2019 12:24
The courier and parcel service is a strong focus area in Blue Water. Through the company’s own products: Blue Express, Blue Economy, Blue Parcel and Blue Solution, it is possible for us to cover all the customers’ different needs. 

“With nine offices in Denmark handling courier shipments, we are close to the customers and able to offer the sought-after flexibility. Together with the individual customer, we compose the set-up that he/she needs, be it express deliveries to the USA, economy deliveries to Germany or a mix of different needs”, says Ole Haahr Hansen, Head of Air, Blue Water.

Behind Blue Water’s platform are dedicated employees with years of experience, securing that the customers’ shipments are handled fast, efficiently and safely. Everything is taken care of in close cooperation with the client. 

Blue Express

Fast delivery worldwide

Blue Economy

Economy deliveries worldwide

Blue Parcel

Worldwide parcel solutions for parcels up to 30 kg

Blue Solutions

Tailored solutions for goods that need special attention – e.g. direct trucks, marking/labelling etc.

Blue Water offices in Denmark offering parcel and courier solutions:

Furthermore, courier solutions are offered from all Blue Water’s Nordic offices 

Popular warehouse solutions

Blue Water offers and customises a large variety of warehouse solutions, including all forms of storage and pick and pack services at modern warehouse facilities. We have in recent years seen a significant growth within this area. 

”Our web-based warehouse system can easily be integrated into a web shop, billing system and/or into the customer’s ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning). Plug’n Play solutions to the most commonly used web shops (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and others) and billing systems (E-Conimic and others) are already available today. With this solution the customers can outsource their entire warehouse function to Blue Water, and we will make sure that all orders are packed for the customers to both B2B and B2C customers”, says Daniel Mortensen, Head of E-commerce & Logistics, Blue Water. 

Also, sorting of goods is offered at Blue Water’s sorting facility in Taulov, Denmark. Here, we are able to offer all kinds of efficient sorting, from containers to cross docking of your parcel shipments. 
06 November 2019 12:24

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